Hair Transplant Cost

Summary : Find out how clinics use 2 different methods for calculating the cost of hair transplants and compare our $3 hair grafts with the higher prices other clinics charge with our hair graft price comparison chart. See how our $600 travel allowance can increase your savings even more and how we demonstrate you can save $5,100 on a 1,500 graft procedure. But cost savings is not even half of what we offer, our medical staff has 68 years combined experience, more then most hair transplant clinics. And finally, we can help you obtain special financing for your procedure so you can start looking better tomorrow, instead of next year.

Hair Graft Price Comparison Chart

Graft / Price
1,000 Grafts$3000$4000$5,000$6,000$7,000
1,200 Grafts$3,600$4,800$6,000$7,200$8,000
1,500 Grafts$4,500$6,000$ 7,500$ 9,000$10,500
1,800 Grafts$5,400$7,200$9,000$10,800$12,600
2,000 Grafts$6,000$ 8,000$10,000$12,000$14,000


The numbers in red above reflect your hair transplant cost corresponding to the number of hair grafts you might receive. Please note this cost comparison does NOT include our $600 Travel Allowance. Most other clinics will charge you $4 to $7 per hair graft with many of the larger hair transplant “chain clinics” charging at the higher end of the scale.

EXAMPLE: Save $5,100

Let’s take an average procedure of 1,500 hair grafts. With Hair Restoration Centers, the cost of your hair transplant is $4,500. But don’t forget about the $600 travel allowance, so your expense is now $3,900. If you chose to have 1,500 hair grafts implanted by a plastic surgeon in your home town (who might only do 10 procedures a year) your cost could probably be around $6 per hair graft and with no travel allowance- his price would work out to be $9,000. In this example, HTC will save you $5,100. (And keep in mind, we are proud to claim there are no hidden fees or surprise costs. The price is $3 per hair graft, period).

Think about that for a moment. With that savings of $5,100, you could afford to get a second hair transplant procedure which could fill in and give you more density and fullness.

What would you rather pay to have a great head full of natural looking hair?

Low Price Hair Implants and a Highly Experienced Staff

Many of our hair transplant clinic competitors will try to insinuate less cost = less quality and justify their higher hair transplant cost with higher quality. This is simply not true. To understand why some firms charge more while the Hair Restoration Centers can afford to charge less, please read About Us.

We have carefully structured our hair transplant clinic to have as little overhead as possible. The Hair Restoration Centers does not spend millions of dollars a year on television, radio and newspaper advertising like other chain store style hair transplant clinics. IF WE DID do that, our price per graft could not be $3 per hair graft!

Hair Restoration Centers, Inc. has one of the most experienced hair transplant medical staff’s in the world, period. Dr. Charles has been a dedicated hair transplant physician for more than 10 years.

The low cost of our hair transplant procedures and highly experienced staff make us the top choice for your hair restoration needs! While the price of hair transplant chain clinics is too high for most people, and as the cost of propecia keeps going up every year, doesn’t it make more sense to get the most affordable, permanent, natural and guaranteed solution for the lowest price?

We care about what we do (just as you do at your profession) and sincerely believe the cost of hair transplants should be affordable to everyone. We invite you to contact our clinic to learn more about how we can offer you an affordable hair transplant solution to your hair loss. And we can even help you finance your procedure.

Financing Your Hair Transplant Procedure

If you would like to finance your procedure with easy monthly payments that won’t break your budget, you can apply online to receive an approval from Care Credit to finance your procedure.

The Hair Restoration Centers Inc. works closely with this financing company that specializes in making cosmetic surgery loans to prospective hair transplant patients. Take advantage of this unique arrangement to start looking better and feeling better tomorrow – instead of next year.

Why choose Care Credit?

The application process is simple and offers quick decisions
Co-signers may be utilized on your application if needed to improve your chances for approval. We work hard to get you approved.
You can schedule your procedure as soon as you are approved.
No prepayment penalties.
Maximum flexibility
Unmatched customer service